Possible? Possible!

The OBTEC cold forming specialists check each order in detail to see if it can be implemented. Based on your customer drawings, they first ensure that the solid cold forming is the right solution for this component. The aim of the planning is always to try and use as few pressing operations as possible.

Experience is the most important precondition. Our experts have comprehensive knowledge, gained from daily practical work. In their technical consultation, the aim is always to offer the most economical solution possible for the customer: The optimum interplay of technical feasibility, the necessary quality and a fair price.

Extreme forces – extreme precision

Pushing out and not removing – that's what solid cold forming is all about. In contrast to cutting machining, no material is milled away to reach the desired shape. The massive forces affecting the material during machining causes it to, as it were, change its flow direction. This method allows a high level of accuracy with dimensional tolerances of a hundredth of a millimetre.

The machining process can be chosen according to the complexity of the product. It ranges from a simple double extruder through to a highly complex 5-level press. No matter how many steps the method has, it can always offer a high speed and minimal material waste.

BET Test Centre

The large BET Test Centre is part of the OBO group of companies. A range of required material and load properties can be tested here, on-site, even during development or production.