You can hear the efficiency.

Large forces are involved in each pressing operation in the production facility. Only in this way can the materials be formed when cold. Thus, within a very short period of time, wire becomes a cold-formed part. Rapid, successive knocks - that is the "sound" of the production facilities. You can hear speed and precision. 
OBO keeps control of all the steps. This starts with tool development according to our specifications. The tools are manufactured by renowned manufacturers. The finished tools are then used in the presses and rollers of our production facility. Forming may be followed by a hardening process or surface coating. Well packed, it then goes off to dispatch and to the address required by the customer. Thanks to this closed production process on our premises and with our partners, we can guarantee the highest level of quality in every work step.


A total of 20 pressing machines are used in OBTEC's product facility. They range from the double press, through the rotation press with a speed of 400 units per minute, through to the 5-level press. All the machines were made by renowned manufacturers such as Salvi, Sacma, Hilgeland and National.


After pressing comes rolling. Here too, OBTEC, with ten thread rolling machines for external threads, is well situated. It doesn't matter which thread is required – the product range runs from standard threads to special threads between M3 and M12.
Even during the rolling of the cold-formed parts, no cutting processes occur. The internal thread is formed with a non-cutting method. This means that no shavings can get trapped in the drill hole.

Hardening and surface treatment

Depending on the area of use, refinement of the fastening elements is required. The products are subjected to heat treatment, according to the desired resistance class. Joint operations with highly specialised hardening and galvanising shops in a radius of 50 km mean that all kinds of refinement steps are possible. The produced articles can be annealed, hardened or tempered and, in the field of surface coatings, can be alloyed with zinc, zinc/nickel or zinc/iron, or also copper-plated. Stainless steel parts are additionally pickled.


All the articles are packaged fully automatically – in boxes, bag, cartons, KLT containers or to individual customer requirements, according to demand. Each packaging unit is given a label. Using the data stored there, it is possible trace back each packaging unit at any time. On request, the label can also be given an individual design.