Quality doesn't just happen, …

… it comes from OBTEC. We test the material and processing in each step of our production process. This has also been proven through QA certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. In addition, our participation in national and international standardisation committees means that we are not only up to speed with the latest developments in the sector, but also play an active role in steering them. Thanks to our operational data recording system, we can monitor each individual production step, thus optimising processes yet further.

A properly functioning production sequence also needs well-trained employees. It is for this reason that we invest in their regular qualification and further training.

Acceptance check

Even on arrival, the material goes through a series of tests. After an initial visual inspection, there is a check for surface damage and a dimensional test. The results are saved directly in the goods acceptance system. There is a comparison of the order with the material certificate. The material, and later the created product, can be traced throughout its entire life cycle at OBO using the barcode produced, which also contains the batch number.


At OBTEC, each production step is documented in great detail. It is possible to trace back products fully at any time. Additional tests are carried out at regular intervals.

Testing in the production process

OBTEC uses a camera-supported SPC system. This records all the relevant dimensions at adjustable intervals. When combined with data on the order number, date and the responsible employee, this ensures that the product is always visible.

Final check. 100%

Camera-supported systems also carry out the final check of the products. This means that even the smallest errors can be detected.